Holiday Gift Guides for Mamas & Littles

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Are you looking for gifts for a mom in your life or you’re a mom looking for gift ideas for her littles? Let us help! Scroll through to see our 20 gift ideas for each category below!! Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas!

For Mamas

  1. Instax Printer

    Super fun gift for mamas! Easy way to print photos right off your phone.

  2. Instax Magnetic Frames

    These magnets are great for framing those photos you printed using the Instax Printer and putting them on your fridge, nursing cart, ect!

  3. Simple Modern Tumbler

    Keeps your drinks cold for 20+ hours, fits in cup holders and is cheaper than the Stanley. It's a win!

  4. Pura Diffuser

    Just plug into the wall with your scent cartridges and let it work it’s (safe!) magic. And bonus… you can control it all through your phone!

  5. Cordless Vacuum

    Trust us, if you're still plugging in your vacuum, you're missing out! A cordless vacuum of any brand is a mom must-have!

  6. Square Wine Glasses

    Not a necessity, but super cute! And fun for display if you have the room for it in your home.

  7. Our Place Wonder Oven

    This is a toaster/roaster/oven/air fryer all in one and bonus points for being aesthetically pleasing!

  8. Our Place Always Pan

    This pan is worth the splurge! And it's really perfect for everything!

  9. Ugg Slipper Dupes

    We all love the classic Ugg slippers, but these are just as good for about half the price!!

  10. Gold Hoop Earring Set

    These are affordable, but look high end! Perfect for dressing up that mom uniform of a baggy tee and leggings!

  11. Mama Necklace

    Such a cute staple necklace for all outfits!

  12. Chunky Scarf

    These are trendy & comfy for these chilly months!!

  13. Trendy Sunglasses

    As a mama, we can't be spending hundreds on nice glasses! So these trendy amazon sunglasses are a win!

  14. Cool Moms Club Crewneck

    Love this cute and cozy crew for cold weather or lazy days at home!

  15. Cozy Blanket

    Seriously feels like a barefoot dreams dupe and sooo cute!

  16. Quilted Tote Bag

    Love this trendy grab-and-go tote bag for days you just need to throw lots in your bag and run out the door!

  17. Sweatsuit Lounge Set

    We all love an affordable amazon lounge set and this one is perfect for cozy days at home!

  18. Margs Trucker Hat

    Trucker hats are the perfect cute accessory for busy days running your kids around! And we love this cutsie “margs” one!

  19. Little Green Bissell Machine

    Seriously how does anyone survive without this?! Perfect for kid and pet messes around the house and in the car!

  20. Candle Warmer Lamp

    Super cute way to enjoy a candle without lighting it! Fun decor piece for the home.

gift ideas for moms

For Babies

0 - 6 months

  1. Lovevery Play Gym

    You might be able to find cheaper, but we love this pretty and developmentally-friendly play gym from Lovevery and it will last you through multiple babes!

  2. Cozy Bubble Romper

    Bubble rompers are some of our fave easy outfits for tiny babies! Pair them with high socks and a beanie or bow and you're good to go!

  3. Knit Baby Girl Bow Headbands

    Love these cozy bows for baby girls!

  4. Fleece Baby Blanket

    So much cozier than the typical baby blankets and perfect for winter outings with your littlest! 

  5. Baby Aquarium

    Great for tummy time and hanging in their cribs when they get a little older to give them something to play with when they wake.

  6. High Contrast Board Book

    Perfect for reading with mama or dada!

  7. High Contrast Accordian Book

    This one is great for tummy time too!

  8. Baby Bear Suit

    Come on! Every baby needs this in the winter months!! How stinkin' cute!

  9. Wrinkle Rattle & Sensory Teether

    It's a great rattle and teether for baby developement and will keep them entertained!

  10. Embroidered Name Beanie

    Personalized gifts are always win!! We love this cozy name beanie!

  11. Muslin Blankets

    You can't go wrong with mulsin blankets for small babes!

  12. Bootie Slippers

    Ahh these are just so cute and cozy for these cold months!

  13. Miss Mouth's Stain Spray

    The absolute best stain spray for blowouts, food messes and just about anything! Can't live without it!

  14. Weighted Sleep Sack

    Once they move out of a swaddle, this weighted sleep sack is perfect to help them feel safe and secure at night!

  15. Kyte Baby Bamboo Footies

    These bamboo footies are sooo soft, easy on the skin AND easy to take on and off for diaper changes!

  16. Hair Brush Set

    Super easy on their skin for that post-bath time pamper sesh!

  17. Dancing Crab Toy

    Cute, entertaining toy for littles!

  18. Hooded Bath Towels

    These are always the cutest and a good practical gift too!

  19. Animal Lovey

    Nothing cuter than a baby who loves their lovey, don't you agree?!

  20. Baby Fruit Feeder

    These are great for adding frozen breast milk or frozen fruit purees for teething babies or babies learning to eat!

gift ideas for newborns to 6 month old babies

For Babies

6 - 12 months

  1. Classic Barn Playset

    This is a cute toy every kid is bound to love!

  2. Travel First Aid Kit

    Great to have on hand as they start getting a little more mobile!

  3. Foldable Foam Play Mat

    Chances are they're moving around a bit more at this age, a thick foam mat is always great to have for those wiggly babes learning to walk!

  4. Candylab Cars

    These are just so cute and a little different than the standard play cars.

  5. Bathtub Basketball Hoop

    This is a fun bath-time toy to keep your baby happy in the tub.

  6. Teether

    This is a great, easy to hold teether!

  7. Teething Tubes

    Cannot swear by these enough!! Looove that they can reach those further back teeth that may be bothering your baby.

  8. Wooden Car Race Track

    This is super cute and fun for babies to play with as they learn to put things in and on!

  9. Wellements Tooth Oil

    Great to have on hand with teething babies!

  10. Object Permanence Box

    Again, another great toy for learning to put things in!

  11. Grape Slicer

    Now that your baby is eating real foods, this is great to quickly and safely cut grapes for them!

  12. Busy Baby Silicone Placemat

    Looove this for eating out. Allows your baby to eat on a clean surface and you can tie on toys or utensils so they aren't throwing it down the whole meal.

  13. DJ Bouncin' Beats

    Love this super cute toy for babies that they'll love even as they get older.

  14. Personalized Name Puzzle

    Super cute learning toy for babies and again, something that can grow with them.

  15. Silicone Sensory Toy

    This is great to keep in the car for those fussy car seat babes who need a little extra distraction!

  16. Mess Proof Bibs

    Love these especially for those super messy eaters when doing baby-led weaning or purees!

  17. Fleece Zip Up Sleepers

    This one is super cute for boys or girls and great to have on hand in those cold seasons!

  18. Waffle Knit Set

    We love a gender neutral cozy knit set.

  19. Old Skool Vans

    Obsessed with these and they go with so many outfits, they're great once your little one starts walking too!

  20. Retro Crew Socks

    Babies always need socks, love having a few cute pairs on hand for days they need to look extra stylish!

Gift ideas for 6-12 month old babies

For Babies

12+ months

  1. Owala Water Bottle

    This stainless steel water bottle is great for on-the-go days when you need to keep their milk or water cold longer!

  2. GoBe Kids Snack Spinner

    Older babies (& toddlers!) love these because it makes snack time feel like play time!

  3. Balance Bike

    Great for this age when babies are still getting the hang of walking.

  4. Poke-A-Dot Book

    Love these interactive books for one year olds.

  5. Sticker Books

    Sticker books are always a win! You'll see I have some linked for every age moving forward.

  6. Wooden Cutting Fruit

    Most kids love to do things that they see their parents doing, so this play cutting fruit set is perfect to make them feel like they're big!

  7. Soft Baby Doll

    These baby dolls are super soft and cozy and perfect for those little girls who want to be mini mamas!

  8. Nike Slides

    Who doesn't love a good pair of Nike slides? Love these slip on sandals for quick trips in the warmer months.

  9. Mega Bloks

    These classic toys are great for this age as they learn how to stack them (& of course, knock them over)!!

  10. Feed the Fish

    This is a fun toy for littles and toddlers too.

  11. Inflatable Hopper

    Great outdoor toy or even for around the house where theres some extra space!

  12. Foam Ball Pit

    Love these ball pits for playrooms! This is a great toy that they'll love now and for years to come.

  13. Sherpa Toddler Chair

    Super cute gift for one year olds. They'll love having their own chair in the living room!

  14. Wooden Walker Wagon

    Love this aesthetically pleasing walker. Perfect for pushing in front as they're learning to walk or pulling while full of toys once they're a little older.

  15. Magnetic Drawing Board

    Always a fun toy for no-mess play!

  16. Bath Crayons

    A great toy to have on hand for days when bath time just doesn't sound very fun!

  17. Light Up Bath Sprinkler

    If you're little one isn't a fan of the bath, this is a great toy to hopefully distract them and make it a little more fun!

  18. Bubble Lawn Mower

    Super fun for bubbles outside and allowing those little boys to feel like they're helping dada with yard work.

  19. Water Table

    These are great for kids of this age and they'll love them as they get a little bigger too.

  20. Slip on Sneakers

    Personally obsessed with these sneakers. They're easy to slip on and off, lightweight, easy to throw in the wash and affordable enough to replace when they're too dirty to clean!

For Toddlers

  1. Hairdresser Kit

    This is a great gift for little girls who love playing with hair or for sisters who want to play together!

  2. Outdoor Explorer Kit

    Love this cute kit for little boys encouraging them to play outside!

  3. Sticker Book

    Told you, we love sticker books! This is a great one for toddlers.

  4. Nike Sneaks

    Always love a good pair of trendy Nikes.

  5. Letter Magnets

    Great to put on the fridge to help distract your toddlers while you're cooking dinner!

  6. Dino Utensils

    Great to add a little fun to meal time.

  7. Little People School Bus

    A great classic toy!

  8. Bath Robes

    Love these cozy bathrobes and they're seriously so cute on your little toddlers after bath time!

  9. Talking Cards

    These are great for toddlers learning to talk!

  10. Toy Dyson Vacuum

    Does your toddler love the vacuum? This is a great toy that encourages them to clean and help around the house.

  11. Coloring Book

    Always great to have a good coloring book on hand!

  12. Large Ooly Crayons

    These large crayons are great for small hands.

  13. Wooden Train Set

    This wooden train set is great for boys and girls and a good toy to encourage playing together for siblings!

  14. Play Kitchen

    We all love a good play kitchen, but this one feels luxury and will look pretty in your home so it's a real winner!!

  15. Dump Truck

    Got a wild boy? He'll love this one!

  16. Stomp Rocket

    This is a great toy they might not use all the time, but a fun memory for outside play in the warmer months!

  17. Playdoh Cookie Creations

    Playdoh is always great to have on hand for rainy days inside and we love this cookie creation set.

  18. Sit & Spin

    Remember these from when we  were kids? Always so fun!!

  19. Poppin' Pipes

    Toddlers seriously love these, they'd make for a fun stocking stuffer.

  20. Toy Cleaning Set

    Always promoting toys that teach kids to be helpful around the house and this is another great one!

For Big Kids

  1. Unicorn Playset

    Super cute little set for older girls.

  2. Shopping Cart

    Do your kiddos love pretend play? This is great for playing “store” around the house.

  3. Cash Register

    Perfect gift to go along with the shopping cart. Used to love this as a kid!!

  4. Squishmallow

    Kiddos are so drawn to these squishy, cuddly toys and there are so many of them to choose from.

  5. Bentgo Lunchbox

    This is a great practical gift, especially if they're in pre-k or school!

  6. Mermaid Barbie

    Girls always love barbies and this mermaid one is super fun!

  7. Camera

    Love toys that teach kids to be creative and as as a team of past photographers, our kids of course need their own cameras!!

  8. Book for Big Siblings

    Is your kiddo becoming a big sibling soon? This is a great book to give to help prepare them.

  9. Kid's Bike

    A kid's first bike is always an exciting memory! This one is super cute and comes in multiple sizes!

  10. Bike Helmet

    If you're giving a bike, a helmet is a must!

  11. Protective Gear for Biking

    Same as above, gotta encourage safety while learning to bike!

  12. Zingo

    Love this cute spin-off Bingo game and it's easy to kids to learn.

  13. Yellow Wooden Play Telephone

    In the days of cell phones, we love giving our kids more classic toys like this so they know what a “real” phone looks like, haha!

  14. Play Babydoll Stroller

    So many little girls love being mini-mama's and pushing their baby dolls around with them, this is a great gift for that!

  15. Nike Set

    Love a good Nike set for boys!

  16. Sticker Book

    Again with the sticker books! These are great for older kids.

  17. How to Draw Book

    Again, looove gifts that lend to creativity like this one!

  18. Dino Paint Kit

    Any dino-loving boy will love this!

  19. Play Restaurant Diner Set

    Used to play this all the time growing up, gotta pass on the tradition to our littles!!

  20. Friendship Bracelet Kit

    Have a mini swiftie on your hands?? Can't go wrong with this friendship bracelet making kit for the holidays!

Non-Toy Gift Ideas for All Ages

If you love giving more than just physical gifts for Christmas, I totally get it! Here are 3 non-toy gift ideas for kids of all ages:

  1. Money to open up a savings account for baby to save for future!!

  2. A “grandparents free pass” is a GREAT gift from grandparents! Basically just a scheduled (once approved by parents) day/night with baby so the parents can have some free time together AND grandparents get to spend a day of fun with their grandchild!

  3. Experience passes are amazing “non toy gifts” also! Passes to the zoo, aquarium, local theme parks, or library!!

Looking for stickers or tags for your gifts?

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