The Best Modern First Birthday Themes for One Year Old Boys

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Planning a first birthday party is a big deal! You kept your mini human alive for an entire year… that's definitely cause for a celebration 😉 😂

In all seriousness, I totally get it. I've been there. Trying to pick a theme for your baby boy's first birthday party is sometimes the hardest part of party planning. If you've caught yourself scrolling through Pinterest and pinning way too many different ideas for your boy's birthday party, let me help you narrow it down with some of my favorite modern first birthday themes for one year old boy's. And the best part, I already have the invitations (and some of the other designs) made for you, all you have to do is add your details and you're set!! Let's dive in!

Fast One Race Car Birthday Theme

Celebrate your little one's big day in style with our “Fast One” Race Car theme idea! Picture a sleek design with a simple black, blue and red color palette and trendy checkered details. If your baby boy is on the move or you feel like his first year has gone by way too fast, this might be the perfect theme for you!!

Here's some other decor pieces I love for your Fast One Race Car Birthday:

fast one balloon arch
fast one highchair banner
fast one pennant banner
fast one birthday hat

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First Year Down Football Birthday Theme

This is one of our very best sellers!! Our “First Year Down” Football theme is a fan favorite for a reason. With a neutral color palette, modern fonts and trendy watercolor elements, this entire collection (Yes! We have sooo much more than just an invitation in this theme) is bound to score big for your little man's big day!

Here's some other decor pieces I love for your First Year Down Football Birthday:

football balloon arch
football lanterns
football party cups
football birthday hat

How The West Was One Birthday Theme

Giddy up and get ready to party with the “How The West Was One” Western birthday theme idea! This wild and fun theme can come to life with a golden yellow, brown and green color palette. Watch some old western films as inspo while party planning! Cowboy hats, boots, lassos and cacti are the perfect decor pieces for this party theme!

Here's some other decor pieces I love for your “How The West Was One” Birthday:

western balloon arch
cowboy party hat
western wagon wheels
western party tablecloth

One Rad Dude Birthday Theme

Keep with the trends with this on-trend yet neutral “One Rad Dude” birthday theme!! Our customizable invitation features a retro smiley face with a lightening bolt eye. Although the colors on this template are editable, we are obsessed with the unique sage green, brown and tan palette you could use for this hip and urban style party!! Get ready to rock and roll with this boy's first birthday party theme! 

Here's some other decor pieces I love for your “One Rad Dude” Birthday:

checkered gift bags for favors
neutral one balloon
neutral birthday party balloons
neutral pennant flags for party decor

Rookie of The Year Baseball Birthday Theme

Set the stage for a home-run of a birthday party with a “Rookie of the Year” Baseball birthday party theme! Get your little slugger ready to celebrate with a vintage baseball-inspired party with a classic red, white and blue color scheme that's sure to hit a home run with your guests!

Here's some other decor pieces I love for your “Rookie of the Year” Birthday:

baseball balloon arch
baseball cake topper
baseball party hat crown
baseball party paper food trays

We sincerly hope you've found this helpful! Like we said, as a team of mama's ourselves, we know party planning can be stressful so hopefully these modern birthday party ideas for boys helped you at least conquer the first step of setting a theme!


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