30 First Birthday Gift Ideas for One Year Olds

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Buying gifts for your one year old's first birthday party can be FUN and OVERWHELMING all at the same time!!

What will they like? What do they need? What will last them more than a few weeks? We totally get it, we've been there!! That's why in this blog we're sharing 30 tried and true gift ideas for one year olds that we either have and love or have come recommended to us that we know are going to be a hit at the first birthday party! Whether you're looking for smaller, more affordable gifts or bigger gifts, you'll find it all (& more!) here.


  1. Owala Water Bottle

    This stainless steel water bottle is great for on-the-go days when you need to keep their milk or water cold longer!

  2. GoBe Kids Snack Spinner

    Older babies (& toddlers!) love these because it makes snack time feel like play time!

  3. Poke-A-Dot Book

    Love these interactive books for one year olds.

  4. Sticker Books

    Sticker books are always a win! You'll see I have some linked for every age moving forward.

  5. Wooden Cutting Fruit

    Most kids love to do things that they see their parents doing, so this play cutting fruit set is perfect to make them feel like they're big!

  6. Soft Baby Doll

    These baby dolls are super soft and cozy and perfect for those little girls who want to be mini mamas!

  7. Nike Slides

    Who doesn't love a good pair of Nike slides? Love these slip on sandals for quick trips to the store or running errands with mom.

  8. Feed the Fish

    This is a fun toy for littles and toddlers too.

  9. Magnetic Drawing Board

    Always a fun toy for no-mess play!

  10. Bath Crayons

    A great toy to have on hand for days when bath time just doesn't sound very fun!

  11. Light Up Bath Sprinkler

    If you're little one isn't a fan of the bath, this is a great toy to hopefully distract them and make it a little more fun!

  12. Slip on Sneakers

    Personally obsessed with these sneakers. They're easy to slip on and off, lightweight, easy to throw in the wash and affordable enough to replace when they're too dirty to clean!

  13. Wooden Activity Cube

    This is a great compact toy without a ton of parts that will keep your toddler entertained for a while. We love it in our homes!

  14. Giraffe Fidget Tubes

    These are great little toys to keep in the diaper bag and pull out when your toddler is getting a little fussy or squirmy in the car or out to eat!

  15. Magnetic Wooden Block Set

    Again, a great toy to keep on hand especially when out to eat to entertain your child until their food arrives.

First birthday present ideas for one year old boys and girls


  1. Indoor Gym Playset

    This is a great gift for your climbers and wild one year olds who need to get out some energy inside!

  2. Nugget Play Couch Dupe

    At a slightly lower price point than the actual Nugget, this modular foam play couch is great for years of use with your toddler as they grow!

  3. Balance Bike

    Great for this age when babies are still getting the hang of walking.

  4. Newyoo Push Tricycle

    If you don't want to get them the balance bike for them to use themselves, this tricycle is fun for walks and for those toddlers who don't prefer the stroller!

  5. Mega Bloks

    These classic toys are great for this age as they learn how to stack them (& of course, knock them over)!!

  6. Inflatable Hopper

    Great outdoor toy or even for around the house where theres some extra space!

  7. Foam Ball Pit

    Love these ball pits for playrooms! This is a great toy that they'll love now and for years to come.

  8. Ride on Train with Track

    One year olds (& beyond!) love this ride on train and once they get the hang of it, they'll love driving themselves around without your help. It's great for up to 55lbs, so it'll last them a while.

  9. Sherpa Toddler Chair

    Super cute gift for one year olds. They'll love having their own chair in the living room!

  10. Wooden Walker Wagon

    Love this aesthetically pleasing walker. Perfect for pushing in front as they're learning to walk or pulling while full of toys once they're a little older.

  11. Bubble Lawn Mower

    Super fun for bubbles outside and allowing those little boys to feel like they're helping dada with yard work.

  12. Push Car

    We have this ourselves and can say, it's a hit!! Great for warm days outside and your toddler will love pressing the horn while “driving” down the street!

  13. Water Table

    These are great for kids of this age and they'll love them as they get a little bigger too.

  14. Kitchen Toddler Tower

    Love this gift for mamas and toddlers! It's a great way to help teach your child in the kitchen and engage them in cooking and cleaning activities safely.

  15. Toddler Table & Chair Set

    Again, we love starting to encourage independence at this age and this table and chair set is great for that and will grow with them for a couple of years!!

First birthday present ideas for one year old boys and girls

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