Crafting Fall Magic: Stained Glass Tissue Paper Art

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Fall is in the air, and at Crafty Corner by High Peaks Studios, we're all about celebrating the beauty of the season. This week, we have an exciting and creative craft project for kids that will bring the vibrant colors of autumn right into your home. Join us as we guide you through the process of making stunning fall stained glass decorations using tissue paper and our free printable templates. Plus, discover how you can use our free printables for other imaginative endeavors like coloring pages.

"In the world of crafting, where scissors snip, markers dance, and tissue paper dreams take flight, every day is a masterpiece waiting to be torn, traced, and filled with joy!" 🍂🎨✂️

Cutting our our free fall stained glass printables - high peaks studios
Free Printable Fall Stained Glass Cutouts Cut with contact paper - high peaks studios

Fall Stained Glass - Materials You'll Need

Before embarking on this delightful fall stained glass craft project, it's important to gather all the necessary materials. We've carefully curated a list of items that will ensure a smooth and enjoyable creative experience for you and your little ones. So, without further ado, here's what you'll need to get started on this exciting autumn adventure:

  1. High Peaks Studios' Free Printable Fall Stained Glass Templates 
  2. Contact paper
  3. Fall-colored tissue paper (reds, oranges, yellows, light pinks, and browns work perfectly)
  4. Scissors
  1. High Peaks Studios' Free Printable Fall Stained Glass Templates (available on our website): Our free printables are the heart of this project. These pre-designed templates capture the essence of fall with a variety of shapes, including leaves, pumpkins, and acorns. Whether you're working with young artists or just want to add a touch of seasonal charm to your space, these templates are a fantastic starting point.

  2. Contact paper: To create the "stained glass" effect, you'll need a sheet of transparent contact paper. This material not only provides a sturdy base for your artwork but also allows the tissue paper to adhere easily, making it perfect for crafters of all ages.

  3. Fall-colored tissue paper: The rich, warm colors of fall, such as reds, oranges, yellows, light pinks and browns, are essential for this project. Tissue paper in these hues will be the palette for your stained glass masterpiece. With these shades, you'll be able to capture the vibrant colors of the season and bring them to life on your artwork.

  4. Scissors: Safety is paramount, especially when crafting with children. If your child is cutting you could look at using Child-safe scissors to ensure that young hands can safely participate in the cutting process, giving them a hands-on role in creating their fall stained glass pieces.
Girl Cutting out a pumpkin shape - High Peaks Studios
Kids creating fall stained glass with tissue paper - high peaks studios

Fall Stained Glass Instructions

Step 1: Preparing the Base for our fall stained glass

1.1. Begin by selecting the fall templates you'd like to use. We have a variety of autumn shapes to choose from, including leaves, pumpkins, and acorns.


1.2. Cut out the inside of the fall shape from the printable template. Make sure to leave the black line on the outer shape intact, as you'll be cutting along this line later.


1.3. Peel off the backing from the contact paper and place the outer shape on the sticky side of the contact paper, with the printed side facing down.


Step 2: Adding the Tissue Paper

2.1. Now comes the fun part! Cut the fall-colored tissue paper into small, square pieces. These will be the "fall stained glass" elements of your creation.


2.2. Place the tissue paper pieces inside the shape on the contact paper. You can mix and match colors to create a beautiful autumn look. Encourage the kids to be as creative as they like with their arrangements.


2.3. As you work, the tissue paper will stick easily to the contact paper, making it a great project for little hands.


Step 3: Finishing Touches For the Fall Stained Glass

3.1. Once you've filled the entire shape with tissue paper, take a moment to admire your fall stained glass piece. The vibrant colors and intricate designs will capture the essence of the season.


3.2. With the tissue paper securely in place, it's time to complete your stained glass decoration. Carefully cut along the outer black line of the shape, removing any excess contact paper.


3.3. To hang your masterpiece, attach a small piece of clear tape to the top of the fall stained glass shape and stick it to a window, allowing the natural light to shine through and showcase the beautiful colors.

Kid coloring an acorn shape- High Peaks Studios
acorn colored by toddler - high peaks studios

Other fun ways to use our Fall Stained Glass Free Printables

Our free fall stained glass printables are versatile and can be used for more than just this stained glass project. You can also enjoy the following creative activities:


  1. Coloring Pages: Simply print out the fall templates on regular paper, and kids can use crayons, colored pencils, or markers to bring these charming autumn designs to life. This is a fantastic activity for enhancing fine motor skills and sparking imaginative expression.

  2. Seasonal Decor: Use our printables to create seasonal decorations. For instance, you can cut out the shapes, add string, and make autumn-themed garlands to hang around the house.

This fall stained glass craft is a fantastic way for kids to get creative and engage with the colors and themes of autumn. The final result is not only visually appealing but also a wonderful addition to your seasonal decor. It's an opportunity for children to express themselves artistically while connecting with the beauty of the natural world.


At Crafty Corner by High Peaks Studios, we're dedicated to providing engaging and enjoyable craft projects for kids. Stay tuned for more weekly segments that will keep your young artists inspired and your home filled with their imaginative creations. Embrace the changing seasons with your very own fall stained glass art or explore other possibilities with our free printables. Let your creativity shine through!


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