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Hosting a baby shower in February and looking for a lovely Valentine theme? Our Conversation Hearts “Little Sweetheart” Valentine Baby Shower Collection might just be for you!!! With inspiration taken from the classic Sweethearts candy, this theme is bound to make this mommy-to-be's heart skip a beat and create the sweetest pastel wonderland for your “little sweetheart on the way!!"


Blame our passion for graphic design and on-brand parties, but we believe every good party theme starts with a good invitation!! For a curated, high-quality party, it's important to keep everything looking consistent so that it ends up feeling like a cohesive and well put together event. Picking out an invitation you love can help you decide on a tone for the party and start planning all the other details! In our shop, we have two invitation templates you can choose from for your Valentine Baby Shower.


Planning the decor and overall vibe of the baby shower is the fun part!! We've gathered lots of adorable ideas here that we know you'll love to use as inspiration for your own Valentine Baby Shower!

Not to be dramatic but this pastel themed Valentine party set up might just be the cutest thing we've ever seen!!! Below are clickable links to a few of the products similar to the image so you can recreate a look like this for your shower!

Pastel Heart Shaped Balloons 6 Pack || Conversation Heart Latex Balloons || Valentine Day Balloons || Valentine
Image from The Pretty Party Studio on Etsy

Nothing says femininity better than lots of flowers!! Love the idea of whimsical pastel colored floral centerpieces at a Valentine Baby Shower! Here's some links to products included in and inspired by this image for all kinds of inspo!!

Pastel Heart Shaped Balloons 6 Pack || Conversation Heart Latex Balloons || Valentine Day Balloons || Valentine
Image from Bonjour Fête


Food is an important part of any party and can be really fun to plan and keep on theme as well!! And let's be honest, good food is what keeps the guests around longer. Below are a few cute ideas for sweet treats to include at your Little Sweetheart Valentine Baby Shower.

You can catch us here forever obsessing over this absolutely perfect and sooooo cute sweetheart cake!! Not only would this be a shower stopper at your Valentine Baby Shower, but imagine how tasty it would be with yummy funfetti cake inside!! You could even get a cute custom sparkly cake topper like this one here to add on top!

The Sweethearts cake was the centerpiece of the dessert table and it couldn’t have been more perfect
Image from Briana Dai

Cupcakes are always a winner and how sweet are these simple pastel cupcakes with icing colors to match the cake?! Topped with coordinating sweetheart candies, they're the perfect addition to your Valentine Baby Shower!!

I love Gigi’s for decorative cupcakes. They’re known for their icing being as tall as their cake. They make such a cute, fun statement, and they nailed the icing colors to match the sweetheart candies for us! Our guests LOVED them.
Image from Briana Dai

Ohhhkay maybe this is our new favorite!!! How sweet are these teddy graham and conversation hearts snack! And they're absolutely perfect for a Valentine Baby Shower!!

Image from Hello Wonderful


Including other types of printables and inclusions for your Valentine Baby Shower is kind of our thing!! So of course we've included a few cohesive printable templates in the shop that you can purchase, customize, download and print to include at your event. We even have a bundle of a few designs together that end up cheaper if you buy the whole suite!

If you end up using any of our printables or inspiration from the blog in your Valentine Baby Shower, please feel free to email us any photos to We love to see our products “in the wild” and would love to share them with others just like you who are looking for ideas for their special event!!

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